My First Reading Library《我的第一图书馆》全50册绘本+音频,被誉为孩子的“英语圣经”


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文件目录:英文阅读 – My First Reading Library(pdf+音频) ,文件大小:720.06M

英文阅读 – My First Reading Library(pdf+音频) [720.06M]

A bus for Miss Moss.pdf [11.09M]

A Fright in Night.pdf [9.33M]

Anansi and the bag ofWisdom.pdf [10.02M]

Bad Jack Fox.pdf [9.77M]

Captain Mac.pdf [9.93M]

Clever Rabbit and the Lion.pdf [14.56M]

Clever Rabbit and the Wolves.pdf [7.74M]

Doctor Foster went to Gloucester.pdf [11.92M]

Dog Dairy.pdf [9.91M]

Double trouble.pdf [8.72M]

Grizzly Bear Rock.pdf [9.47M]

How Bear Lost his Tail.pdf [11.12M]

How Elephants lost their Wings.pdf [13.17M]

King Donkey Ears.pdf [2.90M]

King Midas and the Gold.pdf [12.05M]

Knight Fight.pdf [8.27M]

Late Night At The Zoo.pdf [10.12M]

Little miss muffet.pdf [12.70M]

Moon Zoom.pdf [9.07M]

Mr. Mystery.pdf [9.35M]

My First Reading Library音频.zip [218.62M]

Old MacDonald had a farm.pdf [7.41M]

Old Mother Hubbard.pdf [11.34M]

One Two Buckle My Shoe.pdf [10.25M]

pirate pat.pdf [9.38M]

Run,Rabbit,Run!.pdf [10.12M]

Stop that cow.pdf [9.88M]

The Queen Makes a Scene.pdf [9.67M]

The Ant and the Grasshopper.pdf [8.94M]

The circus under the sea.pdf [9.15M]

The Daydreamer.pdf [2.70M]

The deep dark woods.pdf [9.40M]

The Dragon and the Phoenix.pdf [9.56M]

The dress-up box.pdf [10.03M]

The Fox and The Crow.pdf [8.46M]

The Fox and The Stork.pdf [8.85M]

The Genie in the Bottle.pdf [13.01M]

The Greedy Dog1.pdf [9.85M]

The Lion and the Mouse.pdf [12.82M]

The magic melon.pdf [6.80M]

The Magic Ring.pdf [9.45M]

The Monster Diner.pdf [9.37M]

The old woman who lived in a shoe.pdf [7.99M]

The perfect pet.pdf [9.69M]

The Rabbit’s Tale.pdf [15.62M]

The sun and the wind.pdf [7.55M]

The three wishes.pdf [15.25M]

The Tortoise and the Eagle.pdf [10.96M]

The Wish Fish.pdf [13.81M]

There Was A Crooked Man.pdf [10.05M]

Wild School.pdf [10.18M]

配套单词小程序使用说明书.docx [2.68M]


英文阅读 - My First Reading Library(pdf+音频)

英文阅读 - My First Reading Library(pdf+音频)



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